Power Strategic Growth with Streamlined, Intuitive EDI

Manage and scale your company’s entire supply chain – all through one flexible, cloud-based Electronic Data Interchange platform you’ll actually like using!

Scale Distribution & EDI Compliance the Easy Way

Interlink Commerce helps growing distribution businesses streamline and automate operations, so you can get back to doing more important things. Simplify document exchange with our quick onboarding, flexible custom setups and automations, and ridiculously intuitive EDI software for real-time insights. There’s no easier way to set up, manage, and expand an entire end-to-end, multi-channel supply chain.

Access to over 200 VANs and over 10,000 Mapped Trading Partners

Plug-and-Play EDI That Grows with You

Our managed EDI services are built on an intuitive, cloud-based EDI platform. We’ll plug in any integration you need, and you’ll have full visibility and control over your entire supply chain. Choose streamlined custom automations to make your life even easier, and add more integrations as you grow. You can rest easy backed by proactive maintenance and responsive customer service from actual humans.

Questions about EDI?

Choosing the right provider for EDI outsourcing – or deciding if you’re even ready for EDI – can be tough. Whether you’re new to EDI, or just shopping around for a better provider, we’ve got you covered.

Customer Success Stories

Maryellen Fallon – COO, Todson Inc.


“Interlink Commerce has provided full service EDI services to us for 6 years. During that time, we have built a very strong working relationship that has served us well. Issues with the software are few and far between, and result in little-to-no downtime as they are resolved so quickly. In particular, the training and support when on-boarding new trading partners who have challenging requirements is timely and effective and keeps us within our timeline. I am pleased with our decision to go with Interlink Commerce as they have provided superior EDI solutions and attentive service, leaving our former provider to pale in comparison.”

Hala Assile – CFO, Signature Crafts

“We have been working with Interlink Commerce for over 5 years with great results; I am particularly pleased with our ERP Integration. Aside from the EDI and integration expertise, I was struck by their thorough examination of our unique business processes and the passion and commitment to automation, giving us data that is timely and resources that can now be directed elsewhere. I feel we have a very strong working relationship with Interlink – their team responds quickly to our needs and this gives me the confidence that we are in safe hands.”

Meet Your EDI Team

We’re all about living and working simply, and helping our customers do the same. That’s why we provide strategic EDI integration and automation, proactive systems management, white-glove service, and a super-intuitive EDI platform.